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Pitching Sales!

By Bryan Charleau

If you have been led to the sales profession but don't know where to start or who to turn to, Pitching Sales! is more than just a beginner's guide; it is a literary mentorship for all new professionals entering a career in sales.

Pitching Sales! is meant for the young professional just finishing school and looking to define themselves, for the struggling student trying to find a job to pay their tuition, for the individual who has heard about the opportunities of commissioned income, and for those looking to master the basic principles of sales to accelerate their career trajectory.

Learn how to:

  • Align your expectations for your new profession;

  • Tailor your applications and prepare for interviews;

  • Understand different commission structures;

  • Foster the proper mindset needed to be a sales professional;

  • Recognize obstacles in your sales development;

  • Learn and implement lasting habits needed to excel in sales;

  • Discover how to motivate, and re-motivate, yourself; and

  • Plan your next steps to success.


If you are looking to kick start your sales career, or push your career forward, let this book pitch you on sales!

Meghan G - Verified Amazon Review

This is truly a cohesive and insightful guide - worth while read, powerful takeaways with just the right touch of humor to avoid pitfalls of other sales books. Highly recommend

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